Forced Abortion

This article on Jezebel about Scientology, Sea Org and forced abortion struck me.  Read the article and replace nearly every “abortion” word with “adoption”.  Startling (or not) the similiarities.

Surely there is handbook somewhere that the massess study to influence a woman to exercise (or not) her own reproductive rights.  Can we burn that book these people are reading?  Seriously, this excerpt is nearly identifical to my adoption exposure.

“:Nobody would ever tell you, ‘You have to do it.’ You get backed into a corner. . . . You’re sitting in front of an ethics officer, you’re sitting in front of (church) executives that are basically telling you you’re a piece of s—- if you don’t do this. You’re bad. You let the group down. You’re out ethics, you did it deliberately. Look at what a bad thing you did to the planet.” – No Kids Allowed, St. Petersburg Times

3 Thoughts.

  1. I think it’s the handbook on coercion. Take a look at this, from an anti-cult organization:

    Put someone self-righteousness with a sense of mission up against someone scared and alone, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for forced adoption, forced abortion – forced just about anything.

    It’s scary.

  2. The Adoption Industry uses the sophisticated marketing techniques of industry and trains their workers in them. Great blog!

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