The Adoption Initiative

Guess who will be speaking here?

Oh yeah, me.

And guess who else will be with me?  Amazing mothers Lorraine, Claud, Nic and Jenna.

Our panel topic:  “Relinquishment Hindsight: What We Wish the Professionals Had Told Us

The 6th Biennial Adoption Conference
October 14-16, 2010


  • To address fundamental issues affecting the adoption community
  • To provide information and training opportunities for professionals about adoption issues
  • To encourage more research effort by the academic community in answering fundamental questions affecting members of the adoption triad; and finally
  • To provide a forum where members of the adoption triad can find valuable resources.

More info here.

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  1. Wow! Sounds like a great opportunity to share your knowledge and commune with some of the amazing mothers I’ve come to know through adoption reunion cyberspace. Are you excited, anxious? Do you feel empowered or a little intimidated? I ask because I am trying to imagine how I might feel if I were invited to present at such an event. I know I would have mixed emotions, probably fluctuating between somewhere between “tickled pink to have been asked” and “yikes now I have to actually do it’.

    I’d love to attend, will you publishing more info?

    • Liz – I have spoken before at both the American Adoption Congress and and Ethics Conference sponsored by Donaldson and Ethica. Sure, nervous at first, but once I get rolling I am fine. Not so nervous these days. (But I always cry and I kinda hate that..I have the audio recording from the American Adoption Congress and I am weeping in parts. I wish I could control the tears and yet at the same time I dont.)

      Yes, as more info becomes available, I will publish.

  2. Oh my god. My colleague/fellow adoptee/friend Trevor Jordan is presenting at that conference. He is the presidant of Jigsaw, a post-adoption organisation in Brisbane that I am on the management comittee off and I facilitate at support group with his sister Collette, also an adoptee.

    I’ll make sure he says a BIG hi to you from me. I sooo wish I could be there.

  3. Awwww, Jane, can’t you take a ride in his luggage? Do indeed tell him to look me up! You must come next time!

  4. I certainly will tell him to look out for you. He is a lovely, very intelligent man who has played a HUGE role in having our legislation changed for the better this year.

    Man I wish I could be there. I will definately come at another stage, hopefully in the near future. I REALLY want to see/meet Nancy Verrier too so hopefully the universe will work it’s magic and everything will all line up one day soon :).

  5. Suz, I don’t know if you remember me as I don’t drop by often, but I’m the person who recommended the music ed charity when you were looking for a place to make a donation in your daughter’s honor. I will be there, and look forward to meeting you IRL and hearing you speak!

    Margie, this is an awesome, awesome conference – went the last 2 times – I really think you’d love it. FB me if you want more info about it.

    • Psychobabbler – Oooh, I do remember. Do hunt me down and introduce yourself as Psychobabbler! Or mention the music charity.

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