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Play along. Ask me a question. Anonymously or not, adoption related or not.

The questions will be sent to me and if choose to answer the answers will be posted by formspring on my formspring page. Anyone else have a formspring? I can tell you that I have found it useful for a few other reasons (the least of which is the social question thingee). I use it to collect and maintain adoption registry entries for I like the fact that the registry entries are easily entered and sent to me via email (thereby providing me with a backup source in my email as well as on the formspring account site). I take the data and use it to update the registry on (I have yet to figure out how to easily present the data right from formspring but am working on it. For now I cut and paste into my registry pages.)

Anywho. go ahead. Play along. Two questions already asked and answered.

WritingMyWrongs Formspring

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  2. Whoa. I was forced to study compulsory French for nearly 6 years… and if I had had any prior interest in French, all that mandated study killed it. It was no fun and just a lot of rote memorization (not that Mandarin isn’t the same, but still…).

    I took one year of Latin in high school, then involuntarily forgot almost all of it after, well, passing the grade and not studying it any longer.

    Then I took Japanese during my final year of post-secondary school. I didn’t really learn a lot about the language (note: Japanese classes are for otaku!fans, not for those actually interested in speaking), although I attended it for a sole purpose: force myself to learn the Hiragana system. And that’s one of the few things I learned, so that made me happy.

    And ever since May 2006, I’ve been simultaneously working on the basic building blocks for Mandarin >.>

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