I realize I owe a follow up entry to this post: LIMBO: On the Edge of Emotional Hell

Life is kinda crazy right now, sweetie will have surgery for a torn achilles this week,  kids are ending school, starting camp, changes in my professional life and more have my head swimming with get this, responsbility.

When I am this busy with my life, my writing goes into hiding. We hope to be back soon. I hope to finish up the entry to that post, share an audio file/podcast, and much more.

Bear with me!

7 Thoughts.

  1. Hey, maybe since you will be so busy with that bad “r” word, your mind can get a break from adoption! I used to hate it when I was so busy I didn’t have a spare moment. Now I kinda relish it when it gets crazy for that reason.


    ps I hope the surgery goes well.

    • Thanks Susie. You know, I have tried busy-ness and all sorts of avoidance tactics when dealing with adoption or related issues. I find that, (for me), it doesnt help much. It is still there when I get back, waiting, tapping its foot. I have yet to find anything that lessens it. These days I just accept it as it. Seems the best approach for now.

  2. Good luck on that surgery, Rich – I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for success and quick recovery!!

  3. Thanks Margie, my most fervent wishes are that the tear is not too extensive(will know more after MRI tomorrow night)…

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