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  1. Always a hard day. Will be thinking of you. I am certain your daughter is too no matter what she says.

  2. My birthday is always the one day of the year that I think of my birthmother the MOST. You have an awesome heart, Suz. xo

  3. Your daughter knows you care and may be dealing with her own demons today. No matter it is an important day for you. Hugs.

  4. Oh Suz, Thinking about you on this day. I know it is hard for you. I believe your daughter is thinking about you today. Hugs to you Suz. =)

  5. Thinking of you Suz.

    My stupid birth mother didn’t acknowledge my birthday this year. My sister tells me she forgot on the day and realised a few days later. WTF? Who forgets their child’s birthday?

  6. (((HUGS))) Suz. My son’s bday is on Monday. I won’t be acknowledging it, but for totally different reasons. It kills me not to.

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