The spirit of the universe is at once creative and destructive.. it creates while it destroys and destroys while it creates, and therefore it remains to us a riddle. And we must inevitably resign ourselves to this. -  Albert Schwietzer

Anyone watch Fringe  last night?

Holy guac talk about adoption themes.

The plot line is thus:

There are two worlds living in parallel to each other. Some smartypants scientific people have figured how to traverse from one world to the other. In the other world there is a replica of each person in this world. One day, smarty, kinda crazy, professor man, Walter suffers the death of his son Peter – in this world. Distraught, Walter ventures into the other world and snatches THAT Peter into this world and raises him as if he was the original Peter in this world.

Years pass, Peters this world mother (remember peter is from that world but mother is from this world) commits suicide. Peter has some troubles, grows up, smarty pants but rebellious, and becomes estranged from his smarty pants father Walter.  Eventually they reconnect and start investigating all these mysterious things that are happening in the world (things caused by this world Walter and companies tinkering with the lines between this world and that).  After one of those investigations, Peter’s partner, Olivia, learns she was a child test subject for those this world/that world experiments. As a result, she can “See” objects that belong to that other world. Whoa, hold the phone, but she see’s that her buddy Peter is sparkling like objects from that other world do.  She struggles with telling him.  Eventually Peter finds out and BLAMO. He finds his way back to the other world.

Now we are up to speed with last nights episode.

See in that other word Peter’s mother has not killed herself. The scene I joined in on was where the mother was making breakfast for Peter. She asks him if he likes bacon (he did when he was younger). He says something about his mother never making bacon. Other world mom winces at the reference, Peter apologizes and offers to not talk about this world mother. That world mom refuses to accept apology and asks Peter to tell her all about his life since he was taken from her.

Here is where the holy guac comes in. I just could not help but see the parallels to adoption reunion. It was startling to me. Where I had been only mildly interested in Fringe this season, this particular episode had me on the edge of my seat and had tears in my eyes.

Oh yeah, Peters this world dad is also in that world and is on a collision course with Peter and his that world version of himself.

But whewf.  What an episode.

3 Thoughts.

  1. Hmm- I see why it triggered you, but you missed part of the plot. The reason Walter took him to begin with was he was dying, just like this world Peter, he had every intention of taking him back. *sighs* Then This world Mom saw him and lost it- it’s really a frakked up thing- Both Walter’s are screwed up because of it. So were both mom’s this world mom killed herself because of her guilt over stealing another woman’s child- and Walter is ashamed of what he did, and loves Peter even so. But yeah the reunion stuff is much the same- all jacked up isn’t it?

    • MaryReunited – I knew that and even that I equate to adoption. Family experiences inability to have child, so they take another one. Death of the dream of a child/death of child = go take some one elses and act as if born to and dont tell the child and let the other mother and father suffer.

      Strong parallels.

      • Hmm, see Walter never intended to take Peter to begin with, he only meant to cure Peter. Broke the vial with the cure, it was this world mom who wanted him forever. So that’s where it got sticky for me. I get what you are saying, and agree, I just saw Walter’s motivations as different to begin, he wanted to spare Walternate the pain he had already suffered, once other mom however just saw Peter and salivated over him – so yep total adoptive mom thing. Even if in the end she killed herself over guilt.

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