28 Days Left

I am in the last month of my 99 Days of Freedom. More specifically, the time clock that is running on my Facebook hiatus will soon run out.  I am not entirely sure I will return. The more I have been away from it, the less I feel like I going back to regular use.

In full disclosure, I have peeked in a few times but not by choice. It is amazing the degree to which people, organizations, etc. use Facebook for communication.  This alone has been an interesting observation. My stylist prefers to make hair appointments that way, hotels and restaurants I am considering for Thanksgiving communicate more on their Facebook page (likely due to ease of use) than their websites.  Despite telling my friends not to message me via their messenger, several still did and with important information (and I refuse to install their messenger app).  Family, like my niece in the Marines, uses it to communicate to broad audiences.  Had I not stopped by I would not have known my niece received permanent orders assigning her to a base in Okinawa, Japan (yay! you go girl!). It is, in a word or two, hard to avoid.

That being said, I do prefer being away from it.  I had no idea how much time I wasted, how much it irritated me, how much of an influence it could have on one’s life.   I see far less negativity, far fewer political rants for or against Obama, Dems, Repubs, etc. I am not subject to copious amounts of racism, homophobia and worse (is there worse?).  I no longer see a friend complain for days on end about nearly everything and I have no idea if my neighbors’ kids are having regular bowel movements. I am okay with that.

I suspect I will be back but with a far less presence. Perhaps I will do what my Canadian friend has done, that is, peek in once a week. I do enjoy seeing photos, jokes and sharing positive information.  I like to share similar.

Friends there and here that have written me privately…thank you.  An interesting side effect created by the hiatus included many feelings of warmth created by individuals writing me at my email and saying they missed me. I appreciate hearing your life updates.  I wish far away friends could be closer. I much prefer intimate gatherings over a good glass of wine (Sheraz, please) or hot chocolate (marshmallows required). While I will stop by and read your Facebook posts, I really wish I could stop by your house or local coffee shop.

BTW, I will be in Arizona next Spring (for you Arizona friends!)

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  1. I’ve missed you on FB, but understand. In fact, I’m thinking about following your example. I think I can look less often, post almost never, except shared blog posts and fan page stuff, and just like friends’ photos. Social media can take over your life!

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