Options Counseling

I am in contact with family friend that is facing an unplanned pregnancy. She is in her early 20s, single and frightened she will be left “alone” to raise her child. In my ongoing quest to find support for her and other young women like her, I learned of Backline via Gretchen Sisson. Sharing info here for anyone that might also benefit from the information.

Backline promotes unconditional and judgment-free support for the full spectrum of decisions, feelings and experiences with pregnancy, parenting, adoption and abortion. Through direct service and social change strategies, Backline is building a world where all people can make the reproductive decisions that are best for their lives, without coercion or limitation, and where the dignity of lived experiences is affirmed and honored.

Backline was founded in 2004 by a small group of women in Portland, OR, who had worked in family planning and abortion clinics, adoption agencies, prenatal health centers, and political and social service organizations. Through these experiences, they recognized the need for an independent, full-spectrum organization to offer a confidential, after-hours space for people to process their feelings and find support as they made decisions about pregnancy and parenting.

Our toll-free national Talkline went live on November 1, 2004, staffed by five trained volunteers. In our first year, Backline received over 100 counseling calls from people all over the country. Today, the Talkline receives more than 200 calls every month, and Backline is expanding our board of directors, Talkline Advocate Teams, and trainings and dialogues to include locations across the country. – Backline About Us Page

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