Colorado Thanks You

I received the confirmation of donation and note of appreciation from the Executive Director of Colorado Youth Matter.  See the image on our Facebook page.  As always, want to thank my friends and readers for their support in making these donations happen. I spoke to the E.D. personally and had a lovely conversation with her. She was very excited to recieve the donation and excited to hear about our ongoing efforts to support teen parents. If you live in Colorado and would like more information on how you can assist Colorado Youth Matter, feel free to reach out to me directly or visit their website to learn more.

By way of reminder only, I share again that April commissions will be donated to The Care Center in Holyoke, Massachusetts.   Their mission and goals according to their website include “Breaking barriers … lifting spirits … inspiring young women to excel intellectually and academically … providing access to arts and culture … supporting struggling young families as they move toward self-sufficiency … shifting from a community dealing with the challenges of poverty to one that is a leader in innovative education reform — these define the work of The Care Center.”

If you are interested in supporting this organization, you can do it in one of the following ways

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Thank you for your continued support.