Colorado Youth Matter

Did you see the great news on our Facebook page? We donated $300.00 to the Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy! Fantastic!  View the donation on our Facebook page.

Erica was the winner of our mystery hostess drawing. She won $50 in free jewelry credits! You can too buy purchasing this month and entering the name Mystery Hostess into the hostess field at checkout.

This month we are supporting an organization in Colorado. Colorado Youth Matter actively engages Colorado communities to promote the healthy sexual and reproductive development of all teens and advance the well-being of parenting teens. Visit their site to learn more about them.

Thank you for your continued support of my efforts to support teen, young, single parents and the organizations providing support and services to them. Through our efforts we can insure that vulnerable parents do not fall prey to the lies and abuse of American Adoption Industry. Together we can work to cease the needless separation of children from their families of origin.

2 Thoughts.

  1. What you are doing to raise money to support all these places that help young moms and their babies is so positive and so much more than just talk about how bad things are. You are helping make things a little better for the future. Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • Thank you Maryanne. I believe in “cutting off the supply”. Empower young mothers (and fathers) to care for their own children and there is less for the agencies and lusting PAPS to harvest.

      I have made some wonderful connections in my work and also met some amazing, inspiring teen mothers. They prove that with support and encouragement young mothers (and fathers!) can be successful. Parenting is hard and expensive at any age! Wait till you read some of the interviews I have in progress!

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