Me, Whitney and Adoption

Whitney Houston passed away suddenly this weekend and in the space of time since the announcement till today I have relived the birth and surrender of my daughter no less than twenty times, every time I heard her music.

It has been a challenging weekend.

As I wrote in this post in 2009, Whitney’s song The Greatest Love of All played in my hospital room the last time I saw and held my first born child. The song was a favorite of mine in 1985 and it struck me, deeply, when I held my daughter. The lyrics about children being our future seemed prophetic to me and it hit the chord inside me that I would not be part of her future, could not give her the future she deserved (according to society’s standards). Whitney asked us in her song to show the children all the beauty they possessed inside. I felt I couldn’t do that, then, but adoption could. Staying with me would show her how bad and awful life could be where as the miracle of adoption would not only show her beauty but give her more.

Whitney goes on to say she found the greatest love of all inside of herself. I did too. I found my child, my motherhood, inside of me. And I gave it away to strangers. It has been a challenging road back from that experience, from that loss. Contrary to what Ms. Houston suggests, they did take away my dignity and I allowed it.

Years later, that special place that I had been dreaming of, reunion, did lead me to a lonely place.  Whitney suggests in those times we should find our strength in love.  I keep trying.

Here is the video.  Below it I have pasted the links to other posts that talk about this song and it effect on me.


RIP Whitney Houston.

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7 Thoughts.

  1. Added to all this is you’re being sick mi amore & yeah tough weekend all around.
    Hugs & kisses.

  2. Adoption ~ the “gift” that runs you over again and again. and again and again… *sigh*

    I have to say, I’m becoming quite a fan of yours Rich ~ I wish you could talk to my hubby a little bit!

    And for Whitney ~ what a sad way to leave this world. She had such a tremendous gift in her voice ~ thrown away to drug addiction. May she now know the peace she was unable to find here on earth…

  3. Oh…Suz…Have hurts from this music too. Yours are so much deeper. Thank you for your continued sharing of your story.

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