HELP: Louisiana Crisis Pregnancy Centers

I am helping a expectant single mom in LA look for resources – ideally unbiased counseling, clinic prenatal care, options in LA. (I would love to find a place like this which helped another friend of mine – to parent!).

I don’t know anyone in Louisiana but her!

If you are a reader and know of any resources for single pregnant moms in LA, please comment or send me an email at


5 Thoughts.

  1. University women’s centers and women’s heallth clinics (institutions that are not affliated with a religious denomination, that is) should be able to provide this kind of referral information by phone, even if they can only offer appointments to students. Tulane University and Unviersity of Louisiana are two that comes to mind. Hope this helps.

  2. Hi Suz. Mom C is in Lousiana. I will send her the link to this post and see if she has any suggestions. Tried to DM on Twitter but couldn’t. Hope you are well. Love, Rebecca

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