1986 Letter from Easter House Caseworker

I received this letter from my Easter House caseworker, Colleen Rogers, in July 1986 not quite three months after my daughter was born and surrendered.

Letter from Caseworker Coleen Rogers. Click for larger image.

Letter from Caseworker Coleen Rogers. Click for larger image.

2 Thoughts.

  1. Suz,
    Hi, it’s Debbie again, another EH mom. I sent the yellow pages ad from 1983. I recently found my caseworker on line. I have sent her a letter via snail mail, and sent her a private message on Facebook. No reply. I want very much to talk with her. Have you had any other contact with this caseworker from 1986? I wonder if she might have known my caseworker. Myra Cantrall, the caseworker who “signed” the yellow pages ad, was also the caseworker who visited me in the hospital and brought the papers to my house the day I was released for my boyfriend and I to sign. This letter says Colleen won’t forget you. I wonder if Myra has forgotten me. And I want to ask. I have other questions, too…
    Another comment: the PAP letter you posted lists stat from April 1982 stating that EH placed 8 babies that month. MY DAUGHTER WAS ONE OF THEM!!! When I read that page, I cringed. They sound so Pleased!
    Anyway, you don’t have to post this. In fact, it would probably benefit no one. But I do wonder about this desire I have to talk with Myra, and if I am ok to continue pursuing it.

  2. Hi again Deb. I know I owe you some thoughts and even want to post a blog about your situation. Give me a day or so. I will answer you privately and even here. Hugs.

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