I agree I agreed.

Point 4. “Afforded the opportunity to consult with counsel”. Interesting. Bookmark this Birth Hope document and ├é┬ácompare it to my own Easter House signed a year later which I will post in coming days. Even more interesting.


2 Thoughts.

  1. Hi Suz, It’s interesting that you even have this piece of paper as I wasn’t given even a single scrape of anything. So consequently, I don’t even know what I agreed to which, looking back, seems really, really dumb! My brain must have been in an off mode of sorts. As far as point 4, I was never offered any type of legal advice whatsoever and I presume many other duped mothers share my experience and probably you do too. And while you may have consented, your “consent” was far from being an informed one!

  2. My son’s adoption was private, handled by an attorney who did not “represent” me, but was just in it to get it done so he could get his big bucks. Yes, he explained how it would work, but never offered any options. AS IF, his business was to get babies to sell to infertile couples. He coached me before we went before the judge, where I would sign the final relinquishment papers. Don’t hesitate, he said, don’t ask questions. If I had hesitated, asked questions, might the judge have said, she’s unwilling and cancelled the proceedings? Probably not. The whole system was geared toward getting my baby into the arms of others.

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