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A friend, Unsigned Masterpiece, put up a link to a song that reminds her of her adoption and reunion experience. I countered with one of my own (below).

What song reminds YOU of your adoption or reunion experience?

Feel free to share links to the YouTube videos below.

I have actually had several but the Enya one below is the most emotional for me. Years ago I created a photo montage of my daughter (some of you may have seen it) to this song. It is rather heartbreaking.

Share your tune!

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    Some say love, it is a river
    that drowns the tender reed.
    Some say love, it is a razor
    that leaves your soul to bleed.
    Some say love, it is a hunger,
    an endless aching need.
    I say love, it is a flower,
    and you it’s only seed.

    It’s the heart afraid of breaking
    that never learns to dance.
    It’s the dream afraid of waking
    that never takes the chance.
    It’s the one who won’t be taken,
    who cannot seem to give,
    and the soul afraid of dyin’
    that never learns to live.

    When the night has been too lonely
    and the road has been to long,
    and you think that love is only
    for the lucky and the strong,
    just remember in the winter
    far beneath the bitter snow
    lies the seed that with the sun’s love
    in the spring becomes the rose.

    • Hilary,

      This song by MuteMath, was introduced to me by my son after we reunited. I have since come to enjoy several of their songs.

      • Liz – if you and/or your son ever have a chance to see them perform live, I sincerely encourage it. They are tremendously talented musicians and of the hundreds of concerts I’ve been to, it was one of the best.

        This song is hauntingly beautiful and the chorus hits me right in the gut. I am instantly transported back to the days surrounding my daughter’s surrender and my feelings of desperation, despair and loneliness for the years leading up to our reunion. While we are reunited, the pain caused by her loss will never go away and this song reminds me of that.

        When read, the lyrics come off a little stalkerish, but when sung, the despair is palpable.

  3. I am going to think about this & get back to you… (also I am going to apologize in advance for spazzing out your tracker. My iPod/modem is giving me fits)

  4. Heard this shortly after reunion. It still gets me. Trace Adkins ~ I Can’t Outrun You

    A song Christopher told me to look up a while ago. Although I’ve never heard those words from him, I tell myself that he was telling me through this song… The Avett Brothers ~ I and Love and You

    Before reunion, I listened to many of the ones above, almost anything by Sarah McLachlan (on Mirrorball especially),

    These lyrics especially on Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls:
    And I don’t want the world to see me,
    cause I don’t think that they’d understand.
    When everythings made to be broken,
    I just want you to know who I am.

    • Interesting you mention GooGoo dolls. I was a fan of that lyric “and you bleed just to know your alive”. There was a time in my post surrender experience I could relate to the desire to cut oneself (and bleed) just to feel something, to know I was alive. (I didnt..I just fantasized about it). Guess I could relate to the feeling of walking wounded, robotic, flat which was likely a copying mechanism.

  5. If I may jump in here, I wanted to share that my sons birthmom very much connected with “My Heart Will Go On” when he was born in 1998. I recently took him to her city to visit (he is 14 now) and we went to the Bellagio casino and ate lunch at Olives, an outdoor restaurant. They do a water show every half hour and they time the water show to music. We had been sitting for about 10 minutes when “My Heart Will Go On” came on and the water show started. She cried. I cried. Our son looked at us like we were nuts. She asked me later if I planned it. I said I wish I had that much power to tell The Bellagio what to play when.

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