I feel the need to stress this again. 

I did not and will not go on a witch hunt to find out whomever is harassing my daughter on formspring. While she clearly pointed to me, she has a father who knows who she is, her father has a wife (that preferred I and she not crawl out from under the rocks of our past), they have other children (teenage children). He has a brother. We had friends in high school. I have an extended family that know her name. She has friends from college that know she is adopted. She had a high school boyfriend that knows she is adopted. Some of those comments werent even really adoption focused. And hey, guess what! There are random jackwagons on the internet that just love to mess with people. For all those reasons and more, I am not going to pass the harassment and accuse everyone that knows and loves me of being a total asshat and harassing my daughter.

And that includes my twitter friends and facebook friends and more.  (Yes, and you who wrote me today. Please, relax!).

Its disturbing to me but not surprising. I wont deny that there are people that came to mind that MIGHT do this but I am not even going to question them.  I am however, once again, going to be more cautious, more inwardly focused.

So chill, people. Please? I am trying to.

: )

3 Thoughts.

  1. Your grace in this situation is so impressive. I’ve been very discouraged lately and you make me feel better about the world.

  2. Ok ok, I’m relaxed. I said what I did just because of the context of the email. I thought it would have been the proverbial elephant in the room and that it was better to get it out than have you for a second have to wonder/worry. I tend to stew and fret too often so try to alleviate that in others if I can.

    Plus for work, I can get trashed online by others and it sucks. I feel for her. The line between productive sharing bleeds into ammo to bash quickly.

  3. Ditto what Dawn said. And you have awesome taste in photos to boot. That’s a keeper.

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