The Best Medicine

A laugh is a smile that bursts. –  Mary Waldrip

If I was ever asked to list the top ten things that give me pure joy I would have to list the sound of my childs laughter very close to the top, if not at the very top.

Yesterday evening I took both my sons to see the movie Wall-E.  It was cute, powerful, amusing, chock full of messages for adults. Many of those messages were even received by my soon to be eleven year old son and they provided great discussion material over dinner later in the evening.

The movie was a bit, well, DEEP, for my five year old but my oldest son definitely enjoyed it. As my youngest crawled on my lap and dozed, my darling Nikolas became engaged in the movie.

At several points (usually when Wall-E was trying to make a move on Eve) my son laughed. Deep, hearty, amused, pure laughs. The sounds of his joy brought wide smiles to my face.  Even in the dark I could see his mouth open, his caramel colored freckles spread wider across his cheeks. 

For my children to feel joy, to hear them express pleasure, is heaven on earth to me. 

A few nights ago, the boys were sleeping in my king sized bed with me. It was late and they were both sleepy. I was in a silly mood. I made an odd sound that startled my youngest. They did not know it was me. A few minutes later I made the same sound again. They caught  on to me and began to holler at me to go to sleep.  When I refused, they joined in the game and started making talking bird sounds in the dark. Within a few short moments we were all giggling with laughter.

My youngest son is still a giggler. He has that high pitched baby voice and he will giggle so hard he will get the hiccups.  We laughed and laughed.  It was heaven.

I wonder what my daughters laugh sounds like?

What makes her laugh?

Is she a giggler or a deep hearty laugher or does she have the cackle that I have?  When something makes me laugh unexpectedly, it is usually this awful loud "AHAHA". My nieces generally poke fun at my laugh. Their fun only  makes me laugh more.

In all the hundreds of pictures I have seen of my daughter, she rarely smiles. She always has a serious EMO look about her (and people always comment on this).  I dont think I have seen any pictures of her being silly or goofy or doing that two finger peace sign that so many of the younger generation seem destined to do.  I dont think I have seen the hint of laughter.

I wonder, seriously, wonder what it sounds like. Will I ever be lucky enough to hear it?

5 Thoughts.

  1. my daughter laughs just like her mother. she also ‘stoops’ like her. she has similar interests, too. and from what I hear, her room looks just like her sibling’s.

  2. YES you will!!!!! And not just lucky enough to hear it, but entitled to hear it!!!!
    as they say in Jamaica, “Soon come, soon come Suz”
    Be well,

  3. Suz: A picture says a thousand words, so they say. If you see it! Its there. You would be so good for her in more ways than one. I pray one day you hear that voice on the other end of the phone, even if its one of those Hey, its me. You just need to have patience with her until she gets over herself. How different do you think she is from the rest of them. My grandson lives up the street, just graduated college. I invite him over for dinner every night. Not even a no thanks. And that “Hey, its me” Not even. I get the online Yo!

  4. Here I am, tears in my eyes because I too LOVE the sound of my childrens laugh. there is nothing like it and I will do the stupidest stuff just to get them to laugh those gut belly hiccup laughs that they do.
    And now my tears are those of pain, wow. I have never seen my mother laugh like that either. Nor has she seen me laugh like that. ugh.

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