Who's Your Diety?

"But it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg. " -Thomas Jefferson, Notes on Virginia, 1782

All the Presidential candidate talk underway in the media and blogland  has me feeling ill and even a little frightened to be a female American.  Religion seems to be smattered all over every candidate and both parties.

Is America a democracy or a theocracy? Do we even know any more?

I am getting odd emails from random people telling me how Obama is an Islamic terrorist. Others quote Huckabee as the second coming of Christ. And still others are making Hillary Clinton into Jezebel (recall her husband is a bit of a ‘ho. Surely she must be one too? At least by injection?)

It makes me queasy.

Whatever happened to the separation of church and state?

As a liberal, agnostic, democrat I am genuinely fearful of the road ahead.

Huckabee scares the bejesus out of me. I get images in my head of the fictional character Nicolai Carpathia when I hear him speak or read about him. Sure in the Left Behind series Carpathia was allegedly out to destroy Jesus followers, as in, he was the antichrist.  As the antichrist, out to destroy all Jesus lovers, he made himself into a god and his own followers no different that those that followed Jesus.

Extremists fighting extremists – all vying for power and the ability to be worshipped as someone’s god (or president). A very slippery slope we have here.  Christian extremists killing Islamic extremists brings The Crusades to my mind. You can easily become the monster you are fighting. Nietzche said "Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster. As you gaze into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you". Think about it. Deeply.

Suggestions that Obama is an Islamic terrorist simply because someone received an urban legend email and his name rhymes with Osama further disturbs me.

Hillary as a hoochie? Girlfriend, puhlease.

If we truly have a separation of church and state, why do we care of Hillary worships Bob the Tomato from Veggie Tales or if Obama’s name sounds like Osama?

Clearly, the separation of church and state is not so, well, separate, is it?

When I contemplate religion, our current slate of candidates along with family preservation, I become frightened. I become frightened for my children and their children.  I am frightened for young, single moms who may find themselves with an unexpected pregnancy. I become outright terrified for the children born to those mothers.

Family preservation activists, like myself, believe there is a deeply rooted, primal connection between mother and child.  Further, to break that connection, to attempt to mimic it, replace it, deny it, causes trauma to mother and child.

Not so, according to some Christians.

“The unborn entity within the pregnant woman’s body is not part of her body. The conceptus is a genetically distinct entity with its own unique and individual gender, blood type, bone-structure, and genetic code. Although the unborn entity is attached to its mother, it is not part of her.”

I often wonder why Christians don’t do more to help young, single or expectant and unwed moms. Clearly, not being Christian, I don’t understand their views on women, social order and the stability of same.

While they are out saving the world and working as missionaries, why aren’t more of them helping us here at home? Helping poor Americans? Is that not gods work? Will that not get them into heaven? Helping moms keep and raise and feed their American born children?  Why are so many of the primary adoption agencies tied to major religious groups? Do Christians only help other Christians?

I am clearly befuddled at the ease at which many who claim to be Christian can swoop in and take a child from the milky breast of the mother. Is it any wonder that they believe it is perfectly okay to separate mother and child?  If they believe the above paragraph, if they call our children ‘entities’, of course they would. It makes perfect sense to me why they would believe children would be objects (entities) to be bought and sold. They would believe that children are blank slates that can be molded and shaped and conditioned all in the name of god. (Side note: When contemplating abortion, suddenly the Christian entities become human and its murder, right? )

I am not about to begrudge anyone their right to religion or challenge the desire to worship an invisible man in the sky. If you want to worship the tomato on your kitchen counter, feel free. If you are Taoist, Buddhist, Muslim or other, have at it. It is not my business nor should it be the business of the United States government to tell you who you should worship, when, how often or other. To do so would violate your rights as an American. (Recall the Pilgrims came here to escape religious persecution?)

What I am going to challenge is the movement of religion, any religion, as a whole, taking over our government. It has no place there. Can we all refer to the First Amendment?

If you are going to respond to me by saying that not all Christians are fundamental extremist whack jobs, don’t bother. I will say I agree. But I ask you to ponder why it is that people assume Barack Obama is a terrorist simply because they heard from Aunt Mary (recipient of an urban legend email) he is Muslim  – because he is black and his name rhymes with Osama? 

This post isn’t about debating the validity or not of Christianity, it is merely stating that in my opinion, it has no place in our government and policy making processes and should it find its wicked way there, I fear more mothers and children will be separated by adoption. 

Furthermore, please, please don’t vote someone into a position of power based on their religious beliefs. Please help us keep this country a democracy and not a theocracy.  No zealots, please? Pretty please?

Show support  for the  issues and platforms that improve the lives all Americans: health care, womens rights, economic policy, foreign policy, etc and not for the person who happens to worship a your particular god or  red tomato of your liking.

You might indirectly save one more baby from getting taken from his or her mama.

7 Thoughts.

  1. Voltaire said, “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”
    Religious groups have tremendous emotional and psychological power over their congregations. The ChristianAnswers.com site that you linked to for your quote is rife with logical fallacy. In my book, fallacy=absurdity.
    The atrocity of a young mother being emotionally and financially compelled to give up her child and being denied alternatives is just one of those. Good post, Suz.

  2. There has NEVER been a separation of church and state. That is an illusion. Sad but true.
    I just about sh*t myself the other day when driving through my uber conservative, uber religious neighborhood and saw the Huckabee signs already in the yards. I wanted to pull my hair out.
    These are the same people who are in and out of the voting booth in three seconds flat because they all vote party lines. I’m not kidding either. I was at the polling place when they all came in as a group (WTF?). They were in and out in the time it took me to sign in.
    I am not at all sure I would vote for her but I would love to put a “I Heart Hillary” sign in my yard just to piss them all off. I probably would if I didn’t think I’d get burned at the stake.

  3. Amen to this entire post, Sister Suz!
    Seriously. If Huckabee gets elected President, I’m moving to Canada or possibly even Australia. Send me your address. We’ll swing by and pick you guys up.

  4. Indeed, a wonderful post, Suz! Lots to ponder.
    Our country’s founders intended for separation of church and state, but church has slowly seeped back in. As if we cannot be moral and ethical without religion. Our original pledge of allegiance didn’t include one country “UNDER GOD” until the Communist Russia era — out of fear? And it’s grown since then — the fear and the attachment of church to government — I think, reaching new heights after 9-11. What do they say? There are atheists in a foxhole? We live in scary times. Fear drives people to seek answers (to things we cannot know), to believe in a higher power (that someone is in charge) and in an afterlife (so we/our loved ones won’t really be gone when we’re dead). That said, I honestly don’t get how Intelligent Design ended up in public school curriculums! WTF! Send your kids to private Christian school, if that’s what you want.
    Mainstream America will not elect anyone who doesn’t go off each Sunday with a Bible under their arm. Notice how the media photographs every president and first lady doing just that. It’s ridiculous. (I’m not sure middle America is yet willing to elect a woman OR a person of color, so we may well end up with McCain or Huckabee, I tremble to say — unbelievable after eight years of Bush, but I think so…)
    Which brings me to platform. Religion wouldn’t be misconstrued as a platform if any of the candidates actually had one! Has anyone else noticed that no one, in any party, actually stands for anything anymore? They’re just trying to get elected, and if they come out to strong for anything in particular, they’re going to offend some group. So they stay vague.
    I will not vote for anyone EVER who wants to repeal Roe v. Wade. I would definitely vote for a candidate that came out for family preservation. Is there one? Don’t count on it. That would offend all the a-parents. A huge group, huge votes.
    Enough already… sorry. This is your blog, not mine. LOL!

  5. Hey, there! I tried to comment yesterday, and for whatever reason, Typepad sometimes hates me and hangs up my computer. Dang!
    I wanted to chime in and say the irony, hypocrisy and insanity of the degree to which religious groups are attempting to own our country is most definitely not in line with what the founding fathers had in mind – as the quote at the top of this post shows. But people cannot keep their beliefs to themselves, and here we are – in a mess.
    And look at the fabulous people our religiously-motivated party throw at us! Like Coco, if Huckabee is elected I’ll be banging on my Canadian relatives’ door, because that’s the point at which I will be too embarrassed among my non-American friends around the world to call myself American. Of course, the other choice I’ll have is to take to the streets again. In a way, that would be a nice matching book-end to all the time I spent in the streets when I was younger.
    Not to hijack, but something really brought this home a couple of weeks ago. I was watching old movies on TV, and there was some old Humphrey Bogart film from the early forties in which he was a warden at a boys reform school. Every morning the boys said the pledge of allegiance, and to hear it without the “under God” phrase was pretty amazing.
    I say it’s time to start taking things back from the theocrats. And if I, a practicing Catholic, am saying that, I don’t think it’s that much of a stretch. We simply have to.

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