The "Girls" Get Helped in Reunion

“I was the first woman to burn my bra – it took the fire department four days to put it out.” – Dolly Parton

My friend H has big boobies.

So do I. 

Hers look great all packaged up and full of cleavage.

Mine look old and saggy and like I had three children and breastfed two of them. While that is true, must they look that way? I want packaged up round, full boobies not baseballs in tube socks.

Upon viewing a great new picture of my friend on her facebook, I outright asked her.

“How do you package your boobies so nicely?”.

She told me where she gets her over the shoulder boulder holders. She also told me that it was her natural mother, upon reunion (who also happens to have a nice round set of boobies) that told her where to get her boulder holders. 

Adopted mom has tiny boobies and never told my friend that well, she might want to support the girls a bit better.  Natural mom did upon reunion.

It can be more than just knowing your medical history.

Your boobies can benefit from reunion as well.

(And now mine have from knowing my friend and helping her reunite.)

6 Thoughts.

  1. LOL
    The right bra can make you look like you lost 10 pounds! No joke. I got measured at VS a few years ago, and like 85% of women I was wearing the wrong bra size, one cup too small.

  2. Well, you know, you can always wrap them around your neck and tie them in a bow in the front. Like I do.
    Remember that Nina Simone song that Joy posted on her blog a while back?
    “I ain’t got no … (I got my boobies)”
    Sooo fabulous.
    Funny you call bras ‘boulder holders’.
    I’ve always called mine ‘flab grabs’.
    Your boobies can also benefit from reunion where there’s a family history of breast cancer.

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