Todays contribution to music related to my adoption experience.

Ben Folds Five – Brick
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6 Thoughts.

  1. I found your blog today and have read some of your older posts. i feel sorry for what you went through with your daughter. However when you write that adoption is a bad thing and instead of birth parents choosing that as an option we should support them financially I get angry. When the time comes that i feel ready to become a mother i’m going to adopt. I’ve known that since i was 13. It was your own fault that you got pregnant and you knew that you couldn’t raise a child. You could have prevented your pregnancy and save yourself the pain you went through by “surrending” your child. It was irresponsible of you to get pregnant as a teenager when you had no money, you could have used protection. Nobody accidentally gets pregnant, you get pregnant when you’re stupid enough not to use protection. The beauty of adoption is that people who want to become parents gets matched with a child that needs them. these children need parents because their biological parents for some reason can’t take care of them. I understand that you have negative thoughts on adoption because of your experiences but don’t forget that you brought that on yourself. You didn’t have to get pregnant, you knew how to prevent it but you CHOSE not to.

    ps, english is not my language so i apologize if i wrote some words wrong or if the sentences were weird.

  2. Wow. That’s just nasty. I’m going to guess bella’s ignorance is due to her youth.

    • No idea. It did make me laugh. Been around these things long enough to see this type of sentiment.

      Bella needs a little more education on the realities of adoption for those separated by it. Hopefully she will continue to read (since she came to my blog from another adoption blog).

  3. Suz, your comments are priceless and spot-on. Like a low-information voter, Bella is, and this is really scary, a very low-information prospective adopter! I hope she takes your advice and continues to read your blog and others as well. And, like you, I’ve seen such sentiment to often to be affected by it. Why one time I was criticized for using the word “surrender” to describe the loss of my child to baby brokers ( I like this term you use – it fits).

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