Saw Philomena Last Night

If you go to see, bring tissues.  And come back here and share your thoughts with me. I am keeping to myself to avoid spoilers (sorry friends on my facebook) but would love to know your thoughts.


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2 Thoughts.

  1. Saw it yesterday and agree…it was excellent, intense, poignant and pretty accurate as to the way so many of us were treated. I only wish they had developed the story a bit further as to the culpability of the Catholic church and the entire adoption industry…. but this is certainly a good start in heightening awareness.

    I am such a Judy Dench fan anyway but she blew me away in the role of Philomena. I wish she would become a spokesman for this issue.

    • Thanks for your commentary Carol! As you know from my Facebook thread, I felt same. It did leave me feeling like something was lacking or missing or needed more time but as you suggest it is a complex topic. I do think it is fabulous this is getting mainstream media attention. Baby steps.

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