Diapers for a Month


Thank you to all who bought jewelry during the month of October.  We made a donation of $150 to Teen Parent Connection of IL. Your support will ensure a baby has clean diapers for one month. On average, an infant requires 8-10 diaper changes per day – or around 250 diapers a month.

Some might consider this donation to be nothing, or not enough, or too little.  If you are one of those individuals, I ask you to put yourself in the shoes of a mother struggling to put diapers on her child. No amount of help is too small! By giving her help with diapers, we may have helped her put extra food on the table or an additional holiday gift under the tree.

Thank you again.

Our November sales promo will be in support of A Young Mothers D.R.E.A.M based in Brooklyn, NY. A Young Mother’s D.R.E.A.M. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Their mission is to assist young/teen moms, 16-23 yrs old in completing their education through a one-on-one mentorship program, to motivate them to become more accomplished individuals, to instill determination, resilience and excellence as core characteristics for these mothers and to work together to decrease teen pregnancies by promoting healthy choices, goal setting and education. Learn more about them at their site or shop now to begin supporting them immediately.

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  1. YAY! Hoping to help again this month. Right before the holidays = hard, especially as we’re making a few donations to some local places. But I also need a few more Christmas gifts! Plus I can’t get one necklace out of my head for me. LOL

  2. Just wanted to say, you’re doing a great thing. You mentioned that some would call $150 too small of a donation. I’d say that, to a teen working for minimum wage, $150 represents about 3 full days’ wages. That’s a huge gift. Congratulations to you and your readers!

  3. Yay! Good for you Suz.. – you’re quite the good deed doer!..

    Love my earrings!


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