Teen Mom Home

Stumbled across this organization during my full-time job.  Should have really known about it since I lived in that area for a period of time. I still do, technically,  Dont know much about it (yet!).  Even with my limited knowledge, I was pleased to see an organization that supports teen mothers.  The religious affiliation and some adoption references are noted (and give me personal pause) but should not discount what I believe is a positive message of being a residential group home for teen mothers and their infants located in West Hartford, Connecticut.

I will be attending a workshop in a few weeks where I will learn more about this org and quite possibly end up volunteering for them. Posting here as I know others are often looking for such organizations and this one should be included/found/considered.

I am also considering them for my January jewelry sales donation as part of Baubles for Babes.

More to come.  For now…

St. Agnes Home

“…In 1980s, the St. Agnes Home Board recognized the persistent and unmet need for care of pregnant teens and young mothers. The Board began by providing a mother/baby program, expanded to include prenatal services and later relocated to the current Mayflower Street, West Hartford site”