Vanishing Mothers and Children

I have an uncanny ability to pick adoption related books with zero knowledge that the books contain any adoption related material.

The latest selection is the book by Maggie O’Farrel titled The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox.

Have you read it?

The authors website states “…the story of Esme, a woman edited out of her family’s history, and of the secrets that come to light when, sixty years later, she is released from care, and a young woman, Iris, discovers the great-aunt she never knew she had. The mystery that unfolds is the heartbreaking tale of two sisters in colonial India and 1930s Edinburgh – of the loneliness that binds them together and the rivalries that drive them apart, and lead one of them to a shocking betrayal – but above all it is the story of Esme, a fiercely intelligent,  unconventional young woman, and of the terrible price she is made to pay for her family’s unhappiness.

Terrible price indeed.  Recommend the book but offer that anyone that has been locked away, pregnant and had a child taken from them should be warned about the last few pages. Oh boy.