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I noticed more of the conference details are up on the conference site. You may recall I will be presenting there as part of a Birthmother Panel with the amazing mothers known as Claud Darcy, Lorraine Dusky, Jenna Hatfield, and Nicole Darr. We are scheduled to speak on Friday morning (see program details).

Hotel details are also up on the site.  Reserve today cuz I want to meet you! I was excited to learn yesterday that I will finally get to meet Susan Ito who will be presenting as well!

By way of refresher, I provide you with a link to Clauds blog that explains our birthmother panel/breakout session.

Birthmothers Finally Teaching Adoption Professionals

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    • Thorn – Did not know Melinda was going. I have met her before. I think she actually sent in on my session I did at AAC with Margie. Will be good to see her again.

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