Compare and Contrast: Reunions

A friend of mine and I were debating which type of reunion is better or worse — the type where you are, like me, outright rejected from the start or, like my friend, where you have five years of ups and downs and pulls and tugs and yes and no.


I have my own personal opinion (which I will share when others share theirs. I don’t want to influence what people would say).

What do you think?

(And thank you to my friends on twitter that provided early commentary on this)

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  1. I’m amazed that no one has commented yet. Perhaps because it’s a tough question.

    Even though my reunion has tanked (in the last two years out of 14), I am glad that I found and met my son. Glad that we had the time we did, much of it good, although there were danger signs that I ignored and many ups and downs before we became estranged. I would never give up knowing him, despite the downside.

    My situation is different, in that I was not ultimately rejected. My son’s behavior toward me became intolerable, scary even, and I’m the one who called a halt. It was a difficult and heartbreaking decision. As far as I’m concerned the door is still open. It’s not forever.

    If he had refused to meet me or have a relationship from the outset — I believe I would prefer something as opposed to nothing. If he would have rejected me after meeting — I’m sure I would be heartbroken.

    So I’m going to weigh in on the side of something rather than nothing, as shattering as that can also be.

    And remind you that your daughter is still young (my son is 40). Time is on your side.

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