Words Fail Me

I was recently granted the honor of  connecting a 73 year old male adoptee with his first family.

Joining forces with his son and detective work previously done by them both, I found the first cousin of the adoptee. First cousin has pictures, information, details about adoptees first mother.

Words fail me now but allow me to thank Todd (the son) for allowing me to be part of the family journey.

I have facilitated many searches, so many I have lost count. While all touch me deeply, this one struck a new chord. I find myself wanting to sit around a kitchen table with 73 yo father and son and talk about their new found family.

Bless them all as they begin the journey of connecting with their lost family.

1 Thought.

  1. I know that wonderful feeling Suz… I also have it everytime I facilitate a reunion. I just had a mother and daughter reunion that took place this past Saturday and I admit to weeping after every one of these.

    It’s particularly fullfilling and even humbling when it’s someone advanced in years who might have given up or not known what to do if it wasn’t for our help.

    For me, it’s been difficult to publicly talk much about being a search angel because I find it so humbling to have been given the gifts, knowledge and skills that can help people reconnect in this way. Additionally, as smart as I am, in my case I have to give a lot of credit to divine intervention and I am just honored to be an instrument in that.

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