Slightly OT List Post [Photos]

Many thanks to the friends that wrote me to inquire about my dads health.  Shockingly, and I say this with the utmost compassion, he is still alive. He was transitioned to hospice care in early February.  He has continued to decline, very, very slowly. Expected to pass, well, anytime. He has certainly lived far past what the doctors expected when they transitioned him to hospice care. Quite the atypical end life liver disease patient (complicated by a genetic blood disorder known as hemochromatosis). My mother has been his primary caretaker although hospice aides visit daily. Dad is completely bed ridden and sleeps for about 22 hours a day. In a word: overwhelming.

I cannot say enough wonderful, amazing, stellar things about the CT Hospice organization.  Angels on earth for sure.  I suppose the positive of his lengthy stage to passing is that all have been able to make some serious peace with him.  He and my mom have had some very good conversations, long over due, that I believe will help my  mom in the long run. Additionally, we are fully prepared, tactically that is, for his final resting. All logistics have been finalized and even the obituary is written and waiting to be transmitted — AND — my daughter is counted among the grand children listed.  Since I wrote the obit, it was not hard to do but I was pleased when my mother reviewed she specifically asked if I included ALL of the grandchildren. I nodded my head that I had (by number, not name, for there are 14 of them not to mention I would not know HOW to list my daughter – original name or amended)

In more pleasant news, I have lost 40 lbs since January. Go me.

I went away for a week with my darling Rich and my two sons. Visited Williambsburg, VA and got to meet the blogger/mother known online as Shes Come Undone.  Also met her adorable husband. See photos below.

Finally, and absolutely most def most importantly, I continue to ponder new hair colors. Hee hee. The more things change the more they stay the same. Got any hair color recommendations?

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  1. I’m sorry to hear about your father’s continued decline.

    You look great! How did you lose the 40 lbs? Congrats!

    • HI Elizabeth. I have switched from a totally addicted carbaholic to eating more protien, low glycemic veggies, low carbs, as well as taking supplements and drinking tons more water.

      • Congrats again, you look fabulous. I acutally lost 20 lbs eating tons of carbs, but low fat. Curious if you have ever heard of or followed the blood type diet?

        • I have been on EVERY diet imaginable (seriously). Atkins, Blood Type, Weight Watchers, Zone, Nutrisystem, etc. You name it. This one, that I am now living on is the only thing that I was able to stick to and really saw results. So, I am hooked. I also take supplements and drink tons of water. My personal belief is that we are all different and there is no one size fits all approach to weight management and eating. Our chemistry is different. I have glucose issues, I was diabetic when pregnant, sugars, carbs, etc. are a problem for me. Others? Not so much. Trial and error for me.

  2. Thank God for hospice! Many prayers to you and your family, the waiting is so very hard…

    Way to go with the weight loss! I am so mad at myself, I went the entire month of March without eating sugars, flours, etc. Lost 20 pounds and then in April I fell off the wagon ~ WAY off! Ughhhh… Jumping back on in May though.

    Love your photos. You and your hubby are so cute ~ love the red hair too!

  3. We so enjoyed meeting you, Rich, and the boys. You look amazing! I vote for the burgundy red for a couple of reasons; it is gorgeous on you and it seemed to last the longest in terms of how quickly reds usually fade. I am still munching on the carbs, OY. J’s birthday is May 7. My stomach has been jumping, and I am a mess. It would be nice if I could just send the gift I picked out and the card, then call sing the Birthday song, and enjoy a nice conversation with my son on that day. Why must everything adoption related be so effing complicated! I am sick just considering the rejection and possible hatefulness/abuse that awaits me if I call on May 7. How pathetic and sad.

    I Digress. How did you fare on your daughter’s birthday this year? Isn’t it in May as well?

    • SCU – My daughters birthday is indeed coming up. May 16th. I haven’t much thought about it but will likely do what I have for the past few years – make a donation to some service/org/etc that I believe she would support. I would prefer to be able to send her a gift and a card but given the circumstances and her position, I will not. It pains me but it is what it is, you know? It is not me. It adoption and what it does to mothers and their children.

  4. I should also splain, that my english not so good sometimes. Thank goodness for spell and grammar check.

    I meant to ask how are you doing with your daughter’s birthday coming up?

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