Nine Months Gains and Losses [Audio]

Me and Margie

In April of 2009, Margie and I presented a panel at the American Adoption Congress held in Cleveland, OH. The title of our presentation was Nine Months, Gains and Losses and focused comparing and contrasting the experiences of an expectant mother and an adoptive mother. I published notes from our session some time ago. They can be read here.

Today I am happy to announce that I was finally able to edit the audio from the session and have made it into a podcast. You can listen to it by clicking on the player below.  Please note that I have excluded the second half of the sessions that contained the Q & A portion of our discussion.  I received Margie’s permission to post this. I do not have the permission of those that attended our session to post their voices or questions. As such, I have excluded. I hope to transcribe the questions and put them in a later post. They were fantastic questions from an incredibly supportive audience.

For now, listen.  Thank you to Margie, aka Angry Adoptive Mom, for allowing me to do this.

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  1. Thank you, Suz and Margie, SO MUCH! For sharing your very personal experiences. I was riveted. Wish I had been there for the live presentation. This audio is valuable to all, whatever their position in the adoption triad. I’m going to post a link on my blog, hopefully to educate my readers, many of whom have no connection to adoption. They need to know this, whether they are planning to adopt, to understand friends like me who have endured this, or to support the opening of records.

    Dang, it got caught off at the end! But the jist of it was there…

    • Did it cut off? I will check. Note as stated I did cut it off myself to avoid posting the voices of people who asked questions. But if it cut off before that, it may have been a technical glitch. I hope to type up the question and answer transcript today. The audience was very supportive and asked really good questions.

    • Margie is a wonderful person. As much as she says she learned from me, I learned from her. I am honored and bettered for having met her and developed a friendship.

  2. Suze, thank you so much for posting the preso, I loved working with you on this. You know I’ve learned tons from you, but the best part of working together is becoming friends. Still remember that great weekend in Philly when we worked on it – so much fun, and I think the result was great.


  3. I find that more and more of the older mothers are seeing the reality of the children that they relinquished and that they adopted….. It is gratifying to see that here.

    • Older mothers? I am only 43! And sadly saw the reality many years ago but still, too late. Wish the world at large would see the reality of adoption and what it does to mothers and children.

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