Born With Teeth [Book]

Yesterday the post office delivered Born with Teeth : A Memoir to my doorstep. This afternoon I finished reading it.

Have you read? Ordered? I recommend. I will hold back on a full review for now as I do not want to spoil it for my readers. I will offer it was only a teeny bit triggering for me at points. I will also share there is much mention of my hometown in the book! I was surprised. Kate Mulgrew apparently acted at the Shakespeare Theatre in my town and spent quite a bit of time in and around it. Made me smile to see references to restuarants and parts of town I frequented as a child.

While I pre-ordered the book, it is now available on Amazon. Get it here. Read it and come back and lets chat about it. (If you press me I will likely share some thoughts beyond the little bits above).

2 Thoughts.

  1. I read it Suz. I really enjoyed most of the book. The ending was not my favorite part. I did enjoy the People magazine article you tagged. I enjoyed reading the perspective of the adoptee. The book was triggering. It does trigger self doubt- even though I know better – that my career path has not been that exciting. For example if a biomom is a famous actor does that in any away effect a child’s reaction or willingness to reunite.

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