Quitting Adoption

Mother, writer and Chloe & Isabel Merchandiser had a great article over at Brain Child.  Intro excerpt below.

Go read the full article and then come back here to chat with me about it.  I can relate to much of her sentiment despite our differing experiences.  Can you?

Just over two years ago, I quit adoption.

I pulled down my award-winning adoption blog. I removed myself from all online forums and listservs. I unfollowed certain adoption people on Twitter and unfriended them on Facebook, keeping only my daughter’s mother and those who held rank in other categories in my life. I even cold turkey stopped attending an in-person adoption support group, which I had been helpful in creating and sustaining.

I walked away without looking back. If we’re speaking in adopto-speak, you could say I “closed” my adoption world.

And I’m better for it.”Jenna Hatfield

3 Thoughts.

  1. As an Adopted Person myself, I wish I had that privilege. But all I can do is be perpetually triggered by the smallest glib reference on a TV show or movie or conversation, and all I can do is spend the rest of my life hemmoraging money for therapy, and all I can do is depend on my facilitator to be there when I show up at my monthly adoption support group, and all I can do is confuse my husband and bore my friends, be an emotional burden to my family since there will never be enough love and understanding, hide from my first mother or suffer more rejection….

    Yeah, I would fricking love to quit adoption. but I might as well say I’d love to quit having skin.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts SaraSue. I am interested to hear the differences in approach to “quitting” adoption.

  2. UGH. THIS.

    I “quit” adoption “successfully” for two years. Two years of bliss. But it has a funny way of creeping back into your life, whether you’ve invited it or not. 🙂

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