To Write or Not To Write

So, I am once again debating an age old topic. Pondering blogging more writing/creative writing/non adoption work but wondering if I should do that here or elsewhere?

One part of the gemini in me wants to leave this blog all adoption yet another part of me, equally strong, wants to show people there is life after adoption trauma (as in it does not define me as much you might think).

Thoughts? If you dont want to comment, how about taking a little survey below?

4 Thoughts.

  1. Suz, what I love so much about your blog is that you are not only incredibly insightful on the topic of adoption, but you are an incredible writer. So the clarity and expression of your work is extraordinary. As a playwright and an adoptee, I find both (and the combo) to be powerful and immensely inspiring. Since you’re asking, I’ll say that your new other topic writing deserves its own space and platform. So, I say start a new blog, and you can always post links to it here. Your words are so cherished, I could not bring myself to check off the corresponding sentiment in the survey that begins with “Nah”. It’s too big and too important. So, YES! Do it! Can’t wait to read. xo

    • HI Suzanne! Good to hear from you. Thank you for the feedback. I am leaning towards cross posting or at segregating some how yet allowing one to surface posts from the other. More to come! Happy holidays!

  2. Writing My Wrongs is a general enough name that I think you can do all topics here. I understand your desire to branch out as well as feeling local to the adoption topic. I like EVERYTHING you write!

  3. I’m all for your keeping this site. I agree with Denise, your title is general enough to fit any topic you post on. While I’m not as into the topic of adoption, I enjoy your writing and read what you post. I’d follow your blog anywhere it was and that’s what I said in the survey.

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