Gonna See Philomena

I usually avoid adoption themed movies. They are never accurate always slanted in favor of the amazing adoptive parents saving the child from their poor mothers.  This looks interesting.  I literally burst into tears when I watched the trailer.

I am a fan of Dame Judy as well as Steve Coogan.  Watch this and watch for that moment when Steve tells Judy that he met her son once and he said “Hello” or “Hi”.  Judy’s expression of amazement over the fact her son knows how to exchange a greeting kicked me right in the gut.  She captured that perfectly.  Mothers like me, so many of us are amazed at the most basic things our children do. We were not allowed to experience those basic expressions.

But yeah, you will see, just watch.

I pray they do this right.

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  1. This looks magnificent. That’s all I can say. Thanks for drawing it to your readers’ attention.

    So did you see Admission? I can’t remember you blogging about it. Totally different vehicle but I thought it also started to capture some of the darker pieces. I just saw it with my daughter (adopted) and we thought it handled a lot of stuff well.

    • Was that the one with Tina Fey about college and stuff? If so, I did not. The trailer and previews appeared to make light of it all even seemed as if it was a comedy. Was it a serious movie?

      • It’s not a comedy–not by a long shot, though the dark comic vein is there. Takes a very unsentimental view of adoption generally. In addition there are interactions between Fey’s character and her mother (played by Lily Tomlin) that explore additional issues that never seem to get explored in films, like women’s freedom versus kids’ right to know where they came from. I totally get staying away from things, though. It’s so hard to know from a trailer–it’s often the very best or the very worst.

  2. I should have known not to just go ahead and watch that while I’m just sitting here, and my family is like why is she crying again? Duh. Looks good.

    • Whoopsies. Sorry bout that Aim! As I told someone recently, I should come with a trigger warning or perhaps a warning sound like trucks make when they back up?

      • Ha, well you did say right up there that you burst into tears, I think that’s a pretty good warning 🙂 Like you, I usually try to stay away from adoption storylines, they’re always WRONG and it just upsets and angers me. This looks like they have it, though, and Dench is just generally so fantastic…

  3. Oh God… How did she get that moment right?? The look of wonder and joy at hearing one single word her son said?? Kick to the gut indeed…

    Wonder when this will make it to the U.S.?

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