Still here breathing.

1001515_10151789837845482_2065022372_nHowdy all. Believe it or not I am still here. I am still blogging and writing and search and doing lots of other stuffs.  Clearly my adoption blogging has fallen off a bit but that does not mean I am not doing adoption stuff. I have had a blog post about adoption blogging percolating for quite some time. It is still half-baked so I will spare you from it (for now). What I will do is share a variety of things with you.  Excuse what will likely be a list post.

Where I Have Been

Summers are always challenging for me. Kids are out of school and childcare becomes a major issue. My oldest was accepted into a special foreign language course for the summer.  Unlike most soon to be high school sophomores, my son was in school for the month of July – learning Russian. He, like his grandfather before, has a gift for languages and was lucky enough to be accepted into a special program.  He loved it. My youngest was at home with us at least part of the week and that has taken some creative scheduling on my part. While I had it all planned out well before school got out, my employer surprised me with this crazy uber cool project (that I cannot even share as I am under NDA).  To accept it was to throw my carefully planned summer schedule into chaos.  To refuse it would cause the sound of my career breaks to be heard around the world. It was simply not an option. Thankfully I have a wonderful husband and several amazing friends that have been there to help out.

To add to the kid chaos and work stress, I am foolishly (well before knowing about the work project) enrolled in to credit classes for the summer. Uh. Boy.  A humanities course and a film study.  Way cool, really. But not so much when I have all the other stuff going on.

And…there is more…


In the past two months I have successfully reunited two male adoptees that were born in Illinois.  That shady bill that passed has created a flurry of Easter House and other Illinois adoptees to pop up their heads and ask for search help. I can never refuse.  These two gents were both incredible and amazing young men. I found their mothers within three days in both cases. Don’t be impressed. This really is no major feat these days.  Illinois gives us a full name on the birth certificate.  One of the gents was an export. What I mean by this is he was born in Illinois and adopted by UK citizens, raised overseas.  Really amazing young man that I had the pleasure of meeting and dining with one day in NYC.  He came here to meet his mama and spent nearly four months living here getting to know her and his extended first family.  We chatted a lot, talked on the phone and become good friends. He is a neat guy. Or boy? Man? It is odd for me to realize these young men could be my sons.

Last week another Easter House adoptee surfaced in New Jersey. Shock! Awe!  Okay, none of the above. As I mentioned on my Facebook it seems like Easter House had a chute from Illinois that they sent babies sliding down right into the heart of The Garden State.  I have said it before and I will say it again. I MUST do a heat map of all these adoptions. It will be a fascinating info graphic. (Okay, maybe not for you but I am bit nerdy in that regard and love visualizing data. Gets my nerd girl panties in a bit of a jumble).  The young man, his wife and I found his mother in Illinois within about two days.  He is now in the process of strapping himself in for the rollercoaster known as Adoption Reunion. He, like my aforementioned friend, is a neat guy. I am continually impressed by all adoptees that tackle this stuff.  As we all know, reunion should be added to that list of top life stressors right along with home move, death in family, loss of job etc. It is an existential crisis times 1000 that so many avoid and deny while others stand in the fire and don’t shrink back.  I applaud them.  As any one of us that has been denied reunion know, it really was easier when we were also denying and avoiding.  Less authentic, yes, but easier.

Jewelry Fundraising

This month (given the above) I have been a bad jewelry merchandiser and fundraiser. I have a few orgs I am vetting (see below) and others I may consider supporting once again. If you have a good organization that you know helps young, single, teen parents keep and raise their children, send me the details. I am always looking for new organizations.  Note again that in this direct sales position, I get 30% commission on all sales. I donate all commissions. I do not need the money. I do it because I love jewelry and it provides me with the ability to fund my philanthropic efforts while feeding my jewelry passion.

Along those lines, has anyone heard of Hope House in Arvada, Colorado?  If you know my story you will understand that faith based organizations give me pause.  That being said, I do have friends who have a strong faith AND believe in mothers parenting their children. So, I will not rule out faith based organizations. Feel free to write me privately if you have anything to share.

Oh, and My Book

I have also finally begun making serious progress on writing my memoir. I joined a fabulous writing group lead by a published author and professor of writing. She, and the group, has been great inspiration for me. We took a break for a few weeks (thank goddess) and we are starting up again next week.  Many thanks to all of you responsible for encouraging me privately and publicly (people like Gail, Denise, etc.) to pursue this.  The feedback to date on my shitty drafts has been very positive.  I am confident I will do this!

That is it for now. I hope you are enjoying your summer. Even with the above stressors, I am finding the ability to enjoy it. Our in ground pool has been a godsend with the recent heat wave in New England. I HATE HATE HATE summer.  I cannot do my hair, I cannot dress comfortably and my makeup runs.  I am very anxious for fall to arrive.  Sweaters, low humidity, boots and crunchy leaves. Heaven.

Did I mention August 9th is my two year wedding anniversary?  Hubby and I are heading into NYC this weekend to catch the Punk exhibit at the Met, visit MOMA and find a good dinner somewhere.

In Summary

Life is busy and life is good.


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  1. So glad you’re still there and breathing. I so enjoy your blogs and other commentary, Suz. I think for many of us it’s just the Summertime…I know I seem to have stepped back from a lot, but fully intend to jump back in once the extreme heat passes.

    Thank you for keeping us posted. I wish I knew more about organizations that support young, single moms in this area. I’ll ask around and let you know if I hear of something I think you might wish to explore.

  2. Suz, you are my multi-tasking idol! You work, are there for your hub and kids, go to school, blog and help with searches. Y0u make the rest of us look like slugs! I so appreciate your drive and dedication. And your posts on adoption. Never worry about posting more. Those of us who read and love you don’t worry about that. BIG HUGS! <3

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