Support The Care Center

For the month of April, Chloe + Isabel by Suz is donating all sales commissions to The Care Center in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Unknown to me when I selected this organization was the fact that The Care Center’s Annual Fundraising Party will be held May 14 at The Log Cabin in Holyoke. How timely!

Their philosophy (according to their website):

Since opening its doors in 1986, The Care Center has worked with thousands of teen mothers and their families as the women continue their education and move toward greater self-awareness and economic stability. We have designed a comprehensive program in which teen mothers not only pass the GED exam, but also go on to college. We accomplish this with a powerful combination of arts, humanities, athletics, high expectations, and persistent convincing messages about the importance of education, particularly higher education. Read more at their site.

Donation will be made on May 5th.  Shop today to begin supporting the care center or donate right through their site.