Smolin and Bartholet Debate International Adoption

Great read and supporting links on a recent written debate between David Smolin and Elizabeth Bartholet.

In full disclosure, I will offer I am a huge fan of David Smolin. Download the debate and you will see why. Links to download at the Fleas Biting blog link below.

Fleas Biting: Elizabeth Bartholet and David Smolin Debate International Adoption

3 Thoughts.

  1. When I got to Bartholet’s line about “all
    those baby girls stacked up in orphanages” I nearly snarfed my beverage. Nice imagery. Kinda like the doll aisle at Toys R Us.

    • Oh, but stacking makes them easier to store, dontcha know? I wonder if they sort by skin tone? Size? Length of hair? (Snark intended)

      • As long as they’re not stacking them by ethnicity, because cultural heritage has no value.

        I can snark with the best of ’em.

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