The photo left (click for larger view) was taken today at a good luck/going away party for my niece. She is on the left, me on the bottom right.  It was an emotional day.  I gave her a recordable book (fabulous idea, Hallmark) to which I recorded my voice (and my sons) to various pages of the book. I also gave her a Tiffany key and wrote in the card that the real key to her success lays on opposite ends of the pendant when she wears it, more specifically, her own head and heart. When we left, she walked me to my car, told me that I was the only one that was supportive of her, she really appreciated it, loved me and more. Major blubber fest between us.

I wish her only the best. She deserves it.

In other news, a dear friend was reunited with her son today.  I am thrilled for her and as usual, green with envy.  He is “open and excited” at the idea of meeting her and since they live only a few towns from each other it will likely be very soon. As usual, its bittersweet for me. I am happy she shared with me. I want her to. I want all mothers who finally get to hold their children again to scream it to everyone they know.  Strangers in the grocery store, the 411 operator, whomever you encounter. Tell everyone. Show pictures and be proud.  Take back what was taken from you. Never hide. Not even from me.

Sadly, many people do.  They feel (understandably so) that telling me about their good reunions is rude for it may be rubbing my nose in my bad reunion. Trust me, you don’t have to tell me about your reunion for me to think about mine. It is with me daily.  So don’t hold back. Blabber on. I want to see you foaming at the mouth with the joy of finding your child. Do an Elaine dance while you foam.

And because I like the photo so much, I share this second photo, also taken today, of me and my darling Rich.

Godspeed to my niece and to my friend on both of their new phases of life.

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    • Tx Denise. She is a great young woman. And I have heard she looks like me before. I dont see it but others do. I suspect its in the eyes. My family has great eyes.

  1. Denise, you took the words out of my mouth, I was just about to write what you did.

    Suz, as I was reading what you wrote about hearing about good reunions I was reminded of a situation I often find myself in as the parent of a child with learning disabilities. I’m finding that some people hestiant to share news of their children’s academic accomplishments becuase they know my child is really struggling in school. It is a painful contrast to face, but I don’t feel like anyone’s rubbing it in my nose. And not telling me their happy news doesn’t make our ever-present uphill battle go away…it just makes me fel like I’m being treated as “fragile.”

    Looking forward to meting you at the St. John’s conference.

    • Pyschobabbler – Exactly. Same kind of situation. It is as if these individuals think we can actually forget our challenges and they have the power to bring them all back. Reality is they are with us every day and in fact, perhaps their good news, would make us feel a bit better and give us hope.

      And I forgot you were going to be at St. Johns! Tx for reminder! Looking forward to meeting you as well!

  2. Yes Suz, you and your niece look a lot alike ~ and it is in the beautiful eyes! Love the pic of you & Rich, you are a gorgeous couple.

    I am so happy for your friend and hope she does get to meet her son soon. What I would give for that to happen ~ but it will, someday. Reading happy reunion stories gives me hope!


  3. Suz, you all are so gorgeous! Good on ya for being so supportive of your niece. I am sending out welcoming vibes to her (I live in Seattle). I hope she enjoys herself here – she’s moving right before the season of the ick as far as the weather so hopefully it won’t get her down. Tell her that it getting dark at 4pm in December is the price we pay for it staying light till 10pm in June. :o)

    • Libby – Did not know you were in Seattle. May be pinging you for some ideas on stores, gifts, etc. for her and also for me in the coming year as I am hoping to get out there for a trip!

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