My Book Life

If you were to ever invite me into your home, and you have books around, I am very likely to deduce something about your personality from the books you keep, read, use as art (don’t you do that? I do.), leave out on tables or hide in places only you can find them.

Just to be fair, I will give you a peek into a few of my many books. I find it fascinating, even if incredibly obvious, how clearly I am represented here. To know my books is to know me. All facets of my life can be found on just two shelves. You can see I am parent of sons, divorced, a corporate communicator, a reader of good lit and trash lit and chick lit, have something to do with adoption and perhaps read a bit too much self help/psychology stuff.

See any you can recognize? Click on the photo for a larger version.

4 Thoughts.

  1. I enjoyed perusing your bookshelf, Suz. I see we have some authors in common; Alice Sebold, Nicholas Sparks, some of the adoption books.

    Your interests seem well rounded. There are a few books on your shelf I’d like to borrow;Women Who Run With Wolves, Succulent Wild Woman, The Stork Market, Twice Born, and A Walk to Remember ([I]loved the movie, and bet the book is better

    I took photos of my books to share with you, just not sure how to do that.

    • Liz – Glad you enjoyed. I did receive your email photos of your books. Will respond via email. And seriously, if you want to borrow those books, message me your address. I can send.

  2. Interesting, we have many of the same books and a few on your shelf I have never heard of. I also have a ton of Stephen King, Robert Jordan and J.K. Rowling of course- I have one called The Strong Willed Child, Teaching Your Aspberger Child, and You Can’t Say That To Me! From my pre-divorce days-

  3. Most of the books on my shelves are related to the teaching of reading. I recognize several on your shelf that are part of my classroom library at work. I have a few books on adoption.
    A recent read is “Forbidden Family.” If you or one of your readers would like it, let me know and I’ll send it on its way.


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