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Desperate times call for desperate measures and more importantly, publishing off topic posts that are all about cat feces.

I am not kidding.

I am appealing to any of my readers that may be cat people to offer their insight or perhaps their own private cat whisperer.  My fiance and I are at our whiskers end with our two feline friends.

Some history.

Layla is about 2 years old.  She was obtained as a kitten from the local humane society by my fiance when he lived alone (no other humans but two other cats).  The other two resident cats (now both gone) were older.  Layla was “his girl” (or so she thought until I cam into the home and took her place). Layla is strictly an indoor cat. The two other kitties were outdoor cats (and one is “gone” because he never came back. Sob. We feared the coyotes got him. We re-homed the other one as she was also an outdoor cat and in our new neighborhood she could not be due to great risk of injury. We tried to keep her indoors but she would literally jump out windows and smash through screens.  But I digress.)

Approximately two years go by and in that time frame fiance and I purchase a home and move.  Layla was alone in the new house and started acting up. And by acting up we mean she started leaving her kitty droppings outside the litter box (she did do this occasionally at fiances old home..not always..but sometimes). She would be in the right general area but not in the box. On and on it went. We tried everything (or so we thought) to get her to figure out the correct location to deposit her fecal matter.

We changed litter boxes.
We changed litter.
We moved the location.
We picked up the incorrectly placed poop and put it INTO the box.
We put more litter.
We put less litter.
We prayed to the feces gods (that’s not true, but it does sound good, and it is not out of the question even for this agnostic blogger.)

On and on…

No luck.

We then decide perhaps she is angry with us, maybe even lonely since Jennie Boom Boom and Budman are no longer with us.

After much discussion, we return to the humane society and pick up the dashing Mr. Michael Jackson Pollock.

After a day or two of Layla hissing and asserting her dominance, they become playful buds.Adorable even. Layla is very mothering to the younger kitty.  Cleaning him, snuggling, etc. Absolutely adorbs!

Yet, the poop issues continue and multiply because Mr. Michael Jackson Pollock sees Layla and likely thinks “heeeeeeeeey, so this is how you do it here..” (either that or he is creating a new form of Pollock artwork).

I pretty much go nuts.  I scoop the poop, spray, clean, etc. fanatically.  It appears to me that if I keep the box uber clean (as in pretty much get there to scoop the instant the matter leaves the poop shoot) they are more likely to use the box. Prissy kitties? You betcha but I can deal. I am not exactly a fan of public portapotties so I can relate to their need for a fresh box each time.

So, just when I think I have the shit all cleared up (pun intended) we have a new behavior.

Someone is now deciding to deposit their business by the front door nightly. On my lovely hard wood floors (liquid and solid waste matter).  I have not yet “caught” the offending party (though I am pondering a home video system not unlike the type used in Paranormal Activity).

The cherry on this craptastic sundae is that now we have kitties peeing in the bathroom, in front of the toilet. Isn’t that cute?  (The correct answer is no, btw.)

What could be going on here?  How does one “train” a cat to go in the right place? Are they acting up? Mad at us? (Note: there are no signs of illness).

I am frankly pissed off and tired of being shit all over.

Any suggestions?

P.S. The photo above is the lovely Layla.

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  1. This changed our lives, catwise. It’s a plug-in diffuser like those ones you see in advertisements, but what it puts out isn’t anything humans can detect. It’s the same feline pheromone cats get in their soothing face-rubbing, apparently, and it changed our little guy’s personality completely when he was acting out a lot after his brother died. We have one for a small 2-story house and change it monthly; it’s obvious from his behavior when he’s ready for more. I can’t promise it will work, but the first night we got ours we had some friends and family over for dinner and the cat went from avoiding even us that morning to cuddling with our guests.

      • Oh, and you can get them at most pet stores. I just linked to Amazon because you can see the reviews and the price is a little better, though probably not when you factor in There’s also a spray form and a wipe (which I did buy and used on his crate when he was going to the vet; not sure what effect he had) if you’d rather try something right where the “thinking outside the box” (as a woman for whom I did catsitting called it) is happening. This stuff cleared up the problem for us overnight, and so now I’m a huge fan.

  2. Thanks a bunch Thorn, we shall order one(or ten, LOL) henceforth, I’ve had cats for years & years and have never had the litany of problems as we’ve had with these two rascallions, thanks again…

  3. Our dog’s rule was and is you both go out too many nights in a row and there will be a little present waiting for you when you get back.

    I think Kitty is stressed and wants some (more) attention. Kitty #2 is just following I suspect.

    Good luck. I hope you don’t have to call in the kitty psychiatrist.

  4. UM, the thing is, we are homebodies Suz & I rarely go out, LOL!!!
    Can’t afford the kitty psychiatrist, LOL..
    Anyways, tx again to Thorn, one on order with Amzon, now we wait, : )

  5. I’d say I was laughing when I read this (because it’s a hilarious post), but having lived through this with our poor departed Saja, who peed in our bed twice with me in it, I know it ain’t funny.

    We never figured it out, unfortunately, and had to live with it for a couple of years until he moved to kitty heaven. About two months after he died, I was vaccuuming downstairs and found a present that I’d previously missed. I figured it was his parting shot.

    I hope you find something to help, because I definitely get loving your kitties but hating their habits.

  6. Well, in my limited experience (we have two cats) the pooping right outside the litter box thing is because they want a cleaner box. My cats are prissy too. The only time mine have ever gone to the bathroom anywhere else was when we went away for a month. We left them with someone who was supposed to stay at our house during that time but wound up just coming by once a day to feed them, clean the litter box etc. During that time they started going to the bathroom by the front and back door – I have always assumed they were mad at us. However, when we returned it continued – because they smelled that they had done it before and it caused them to continue it. We discussed it with the vet who gave us a solution (mostly vinegar and water – maybe a little baking soda too) and said to spray it where the problem was. That it would eliminate the odor and the behavior would stop. And it worked. Good luck!

    • UpstateMomof3 – Thanks for the input. Insane to me in someways. I think I will need to install some sort of noise device for when they step OUT of the box so I can run downstairs and clean it. (It is in our basement). Otherwise, I would never know and it would likely pile up (LOL) more than they would like. Sigh. Never had this issue with other cats. This Layla is quite the primadonna kitty.

  7. My cat started the same behavior after a move. Sadly, it only got worse over time, and if I was late coming home he would show his irritation by peeing in my favorite chair. Like they say, you never own a cat, they own YOU.

    • Maybe – Interestingly, the cat has also peed on my clothing – just mine. This shit is getting old real fast. Yah, they do own us.

  8. Another thought – I’ve noticed more people seem to have this problem with indoor cats. I suspect they go a bit crazy from being inside and not being able to indulge their instinct to hunt and kill birds and other critters. My indoor cat got crazier with each passing year.

    • Our cat doesn’t seem to want to go out (either one of them). They have gotten out randomly and they go out the door and sit on the porch..they wont venture further out. And as noted, that is not really an option for us. We would have to re-home him. We live in an area with very busy streets, a major highway a block away, etc. I fear they would end up as roadkill. : (

  9. Sigh… been through this myself. No problem when we had our older female cat, Bindi, and a few years older male cat, Easy. They loved each other. After he died, we decided to get another kitten, a boy. Bindi doesn’t like Snoop and as he’s aged (now 4), he’s become more aggressive with her. She is the pee-er/pooper outside the box. I believe it’s a territory issue. Cats are generally not social animals and somebody has to be king or queen of the house. Snoop wants it and Bindi is holding her own.

    Anyway, we finally had to get rid of a fairly new $1000 wool area rug, because Bindi wouldn’t stop marking it, and even with professional cleaning and enzyming, we couldn’t get the scent out. (Maybe because it was wool.) Since she has not peed on other rugs. She does still miss the box on occasion. We have two boxes in two different rooms. Of course Snoop goes in hers as a power trip. I do think the box being clean is an issue.

    Wish I could offer something more useful. I do suggest that Layla or maybe both be tested for urinary tract infection. That can cause random peeing. Although it probably is a territory or rebellion thing. The pheromone plug-ins didn’t work for us, but for others they have. Perhaps two larger boxes, so they have more space without having to step where it is isn’t clean.

    I know how crazy-making this is, Suz. Crossing fingers for you!

  10. My cat just started peeing outside the litter box. Lucky for me, she stays in the bathroom and its easy to clean. But, it’s because she has a uti, poor kitty. So, I’m giving her a homeopathic remedy. I take my cat to a holistic vet, and she continues to get better over time. I’ve given her different remedies, changed her cat food. (They say that dry cat food is the worst, it can negatively affect their digestive systems and irritate their urinary tract.) Or, it could be that the cat was grieving and now is angry and will hopefully get in the stage where she will be okay again (and peeing and pooping in the litter box). Have you tried catnip? Or bach remedies?

  11. Is either cat declawed? That will inevitably lead to litter box issues.

    Scooping litter is generally accepted better than non scooping as it is smaller grain and softer on their little feet.

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