Checking In, Still Here

I am here and yeah, I have been a bad blogger.  I have oodles of personal stuff going on and the past few weeks have been challenging. My sweetie underwent surgery for a torn Achilles, my mother suffered a “cardiac incident” (heart attack ruled out but docs are still trying to determine the root cause of her erratic heart rate), my sons wrapped up their school year, started in camp and oh yeah, I left my job.

I won’t go details out of respect for my former employer and myself but I will state that this was emphatically my choice and I don’t regret it. As alluded to in other posts here on this blog, my job had changed dramatically over the past few years due to corporate downsizing, resizing and reorganizing. I was presented with the opportunity to leave and I accepted it – right in time for sweetie to have surgery. Funny how life works out.

I am blessed with the love of a wonderful man who supported my decision.  He also supports my decision to enroll in school in the fall and I have put those wheels into motion as well.  I hope to take at least 2 classes (six credits) in the fall.  I am pretty much over the moon about this for, now, finally, at 43 years of age, I am studying what I want, what I have a passion for, and not what other want me to study or what “pays well”.  At the most basic level I am pursuing a multimedia studies degree.  More complex is my desire to define, develop and implement technology that enables “a-ha” moments. I am fascinated beyond measure with using technology as a tool to aid communication, education and more.  To quote the degree of a young woman I adore, I am particularly fond of language and expressive media.  I want to use words, pictures and technology to make things happen for people.

To support this goal, I am actively pursuing job opportunities (be they freelance, contract or full time) in the web producer/developer spaces. I feel as though I have been given a gift (by my fiancé and my former employer).  They have given me the gift of choice and the opportunity to pursue my dreams.  I shall seize the day.

I have a number of adoption related blog posts brewing; one in particular focuses on Adoption and Aryanism. It’s an emotion packed post for me so it is taking me some time to craft it.  The painful posts always do.

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  1. Yay for you! I’m glad you are getting this chance to go back to school & study your passion! You have such a talent with words ~ you have given me a few “a-ha” moments with them. I can’t imagine how powerful they could be when combined with pictures & technology.

    Good luck with your job search, and with the rest of your busy life! I hope Rich & your mom have fast recoveries & healing.


  2. Rich sounds like such a great guy. My hubby is the same.

    Good for you for taking action about the job situation. You are such a fabulous writer I thought you were going to say you are going for an MFA.

  3. UM – Anything is possible! Previous undergrad studies were English and Creative Writing. Current plan/course load is a melange of communications and writing. An MFA sounds fabu!

  4. Oh Suz! I am thrilled for you. For some reason, you were on my mind tonight and I tuned into WMW without waiting for a subscription notice that you’d posted something new. Now I know why.

    My dear hub gave me the same gift, 28 years ago. I had a degree in English/Journalism, but had been working as a secretary/admin assistant for almost a decade, just to pay the bills. I always wanted to get into graphics (ancient-type, pre-computer design, LOL!), advertising and marketing, and he was supportive of my working part-time and going back to school. I didn’t get another degree, but learned what I needed and was off and running. It changed my life!

    This change will be good for you. Not good, awesome! Best to you, Rich, your mom, your kids — everyone who loves you and enriches your life.

    XXXOOO Denise

  5. Hey Suz, Its great to hear from you. I have been checking for a while and so glad to read your going back to school. I know everything will be great. Good for you!! My prayers are with you for speedy recovery for Rich and your Mom. Good luck with everything. :0)

  6. Hi Suz,

    Thanks for checking in . It’s always so good to read your writing as you have such a wonderful way with words.

    My wonderful husband also gave me the gift of time so that, shortly after the reunion, I could focus on the kids by being a fulltime stay-at-home mother for several years. Although there were times we struggled to make ends meet during that period, I still treasure those years.

    I’m excited to hear that you’re pursuing a multi-media studies degree with the hope of being able to use technology to capture those “ah-ha” moments. I’m sure you’ll accomplish great things.

    May both your mom and Rich enjoy a speedy recovery.

    Cheers to you!


  7. YEY! It’s so important for us to do what our hearts call us to do. Congratulations!!

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