Permission to Heal

“Saying we must grant ourselves permission to live our own lives may sound pretty self-evident, but have a look at our formative training and consider how much of what we have been taught makes this difficult.” – Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Stumbled across this today while I was updating my tumblr page. It is Oriah Mountain Dreamers blog. Anyone who knows me well knows I love, live, well, I AM her poem The Invitation.   Finding her blog seemed rather, well, serendipitous, considering what I am going through.

This part of a post hit me.

“I had seen- been taught to see- my childhood as relatively free from any serious wounding and had used my ability to cope with life as evidence that this mythology was factually true.” – Permission to Heal, Oriah Mountain Dreamer

If this excerpt, or her poem, touches you, you might like her blog. I have been reading it all day. I have to take it in small doses. It hits me THERE.

The Green Bough

2 Thoughts.

  1. I stayed in a job way too long once because I had a mortgage and a kid and I thought that’s what a grown up should do. I was wrong to think that way. Maybe because I was not and am not a grown up. That might have worried me back then. Doesn’t worry me at all now. btw, the back then I am referring to – I was 43.

    I am sorry you are having a tough time at work. Everything is so hard these days.

    And the whole birthday thing, that is always a troubling time. But you can still send wishes for a happy birthday out into the universe. It’s her decision not to hear it.

    I really wish you well and can only say, from my own experience, keep the faith; you will come out on the other side.


  2. About a year and four months ago I became acquainted with OMD thanx to u dear Suz…. The rest as they say is history…

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