So I Will Tell You

I cannot tell her, or comment on her blog (which is what I would have normally done), so I shall tell you.

My daughter is incredibly beautiful.

I just did my daily drive by on her blog and she had posted two pictures of herself from lunch today.

Wow.  Gorgeous.

So there.

I got that out.

If I could password protect a photo I would show you but I dont know how to and frankly its probably some horrible violation of some unknown boundary to show you what my daughter looks like or link to her blog.  So you will just have to trust me.

8 Thoughts.

  1. I trust you : D
    How wonderful that you at least have her blog to see that she’s ok & doing well. Nothing like a relationship, but oh so much better than the unknown!


    • Susie – Agreed. I do try to find comfort in that. I realize I have more than many mothers have. I just cannot help but wonder what her voice sounds like, what she is like in person, how she laughs and more. : )

  2. I’m totally curious to see what she looks like. weird that I would even care, but after reading you for awhile, I am. Curious. I’m also curious to read her blog. Like two parts of a story, both sides. This internet world is weird, huh?

    • AdoptedOne – It wouldnt really be two parts of the story. She writes nothing about adoption or me or even much about herself. Its about fashion and music and photography. Your only indication that we are related might be her looks. Yes, the internet is weird.

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