Hello Sheridan Road

Flashback:  An unusually vivid recollection of a prior experience, often one that is traumatic, such as scenes from combat or a criminal assault.

Thinking about Clyde brought back lots of memories of living in Chicago. My apartment on N. Pinegrove, later W. Sheridan, N. Southport, W. Sunnyside and more.  I miss it. I really do. Being a Gemini, I am dual natured and can adjust to the surburia or be a city girl. Some days I really really miss the city life.

Curiousity got the best of me and I googled W. Sheridan. I lived there for two years. First in a studio apartment and later in a one bedroom.  Recall that an adoptee from Easter House that I reunited lives in the exact apartment I lived in (spooky, eh? what are the chances?)

Anywho, I found it. I watched this. I started to cry. 

See that video? See the shot of the small round dining table? I had one too. The apartments didnt look as nice in 1986 but wow. The flashbacks I had.

I had a small round table too.  I used to wake up reguarly beneath it, shaking, crying, in the middle of the night, exhausted after searching the apartment for a baby that was crying. My baby. I was only a year post surrender.

I never found my baby back then although the agency promised me they would send pictures forever (they stopped when she was six months old). I always found myself under that table, in the fetal position, with the table cloth over me as a blanket.

Hello Sheridan Road.


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  1. Oh, my. Just knowing what you experienced there made it hard for me to watch this.

    Many (((((((hugs))))))) going to you, Suz.

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