Must Reads

A few recommended reads:

  • The Madonna Effect – While this focuses on international adoption, one cannot help but draw parallel to domestic. Particularly for those of us whose children were obtained by a known baby broker that catered to wealthy prospective adopters.  Money talks.  It doesn’t matter if you have family money, money from an outstanding wealthy career, won the lottery or refinanced your home.  Have money = get baby. Don’t have money = dont deserve baby and cannot be good mother.
  • No fight inside (just now) – This one hits me close too home. Hugs again to Nic.

3 Thoughts.

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Suz. Still mulling over the retraumatization/facing it thing. I think maybe I’m coming to the conclusion (for now) that it’s true we have to face the shit… but that that takes so much WORK and ENERGY that we also need periods of rest. And that maybe I’m just needing a period of rest.

    Still pondering though

  2. Excellent reading, thanks for the tips. Nic nailed it for me: “I’d like to see the money taken out of adoption, I’d like to see religious idealogy wiped from it, and dammit yes adoptees deserve their orginal birth certificates.”

    Yes. Exactly.

    Hugs to you!!

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