Kudos to Ethica

"We must look at what part money plays in adoption and how it affects the criteria we believe must be met before a child is adopted:

  1. The child is a true orphan with no family (including appropriate extended family)
  2. The child cannot find appropriate, permanent, in-country care in a family-like setting
  3. There is an established system for intercountry adoption in the country of origin" Ethica, Letter from the President, Melissa Griebel

Did you read Ethica's " Letter From the President"?  Do so.  Now.

Kudos to Melissa Grieble  and her team at Ethica.

1 Thought.

  1. If I had a dollar for every AP and PAP who has said they’re adopting an “orphan,” I’d be rich. Unfortunately, the definition of “orphan” that took hold in the 90s has taken root. Plenty of APs and PAPs buy into it.
    UNICEF wrote about it a couple of years ago, here:
    Good on Ethica for speaking out on this.

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