Help Wanted

If  you know anything about searching/searchers in Mass, please contact me.

Details include 1962, Brightside Adoptions, Providence Hospital.

Thank you.

P.S. Yet another awful agency name in my book – Brightside Adoptions? What would parenting / keeping your child be? The Dark Side?

1 Thought.

  1. I don’t know if they did in the BSE but when I was adopted Mass required “third party” background checks/home visits, etc which is where Florence Crittendon came into play for my purchasers. If you remember, that’s where I got all of Brandi’s detailed info. If there was one involved in this case, maybe they’d be willing to bend the rules too? Also, Owen Bailey at MA DSS is VERY helpful. 617-748-2246 is his number there (at least a year ago when I was calling). He has access to all the records and can at least tell you if something exists. He also “bent” the rules a little bit… enough to give me some hope back, and then pointed me in the right direction (to FC). Worth a shot.

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