OT: Contents of My Purse Meme

My darling wacky friend Joanna (Musings of An Adopted Artist) inspired (okay, instructed) me to play along.

Below is the contents of my purse (in no apparent order and unlike Joanna I will not label them for you.  Make it like a game of eye-spy and try to match them up).


(click image for larger view)

1. Blistex
2. Lip Venom
3. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment
(yes I have lip issues but I highly recommend this particular treatment.)
4. Brighton Wallet
5. Brighton car Keys
(yes, I have Brighton issues as the purse this all came from is also Brighton)
6. Dayquil
7. Tylenol Sinus
(yes, sinus issues too)
8. Reading Glasses (cool funky green ones from Prada that I later discovered EVERYONE had)
9. Sunglasses (from Brighton. See Brighton issues above)
10.Cool pair of silver earrings.
11. Silver Toe Ring
12. Silver Man in the Maze Pendant (interestingly, the purchase of which was inspired by said adoptee artist referenced above and also influenced by this site and why both said adotpee and I wear it)
13. Ticket stubs from yesterdays viewing of Madagascar 2 (meh, the first one was better)
14. Garbage – gum wrapper and starlight mint candy wrapper.
15. Loose change.

Contrary to what you may think the keyboard and the mouse are NOT in my purse but given my frequency of blogging and emailing they might as well be. 

Not pictured but usually present: iPhone

To capitalize (and slightly change) a phrase used by CapitalOne "Whats in YOUR purse?"

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  1. I rarely carry a purse so I won’t blog this. When I do, it’s got my cell phone, my wallet, my iPod. Maybe chapstick. Maybe my biz card case. I AM BORING.

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