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"Choice involves being informed and educated on ALL sides. Choice consists of an equal balance of knowledge between your options.

Billions of dollars falls into marketing adoption to pregnant women. Thanks to the disgusting practices of the NCFA (National Council For Adoption) our government even pays for – with our tax dollars – a program created on the sole basis of teaching those who come into contact with women in crisis pregnancies how to best "sell" the goodness of adoption.

Where is this same effort given for a pregnant woman to keep her child. Where is the billions in marketing to let her know of the programs that exist so she can continue her education, get financial help while she builds a life for her and her child, find support to assure her she can be a good parent? Where is the government paid program teaching counselors the best ways to guide a pregnant woman to the services available so she can keep and raise her child?

Making an "adoption plan" IS NOT choice when there is a lack of the same importance given to making a "parenting plan" as well. Meeting and getting to know a hopeful adoptive couple and all they have to offer IS NOT choice when there is no meetings with the different programs and charities who will help a mother keep and parent her child. No chance to sit down with them and also learn, detail by detail, all they have to offer." –

Read the entire post at the authors blog here. It only gets better.

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  1. thank you suz…i’m going to post this on my page too so that more people can be informed.

  2. For those relinquished at birth: How to know if our mothers were well informed? Gosh…would require getting to know the time and roots from where we and perhaps she came. Then will we truely know the mind/heart of our mother?

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