The Locator Effect

"No matter how much they want and can love a child, most adopters are blind to the child’s pain of separation. This does not make for good parents. Think, for a moment, how you would feel if you were expected to join in the "celebration" as everyone dances on your mother's grave." Julie A. Rist, adoptee – "Is the U.S. Promoting Pain?"

No, I have not been watching The Locator.

I have no interest and even more importantly no emotional strength to do so. Seeing such shows brings up such a variety of emotions for me that I find myself often unable to function in my daily routine. It would be easier to take a kitchen knife to my gut and jam it in a few times.

Yes, I am envious of those that get to meet and hold their children again. Yes, I am angry that those reunions even have to take place. Yes, I am frustrated that so many people will be touched by the show but they will not see the depth of the pain both mother and child and do nothing to stop the unnecessary separation of mother and child.

While I am not watching and really not interested, I have noticed an interesting side effect of the show and for that I am somewhat grateful.

The show is bringing moms and adoptees out of the woodwork.  It is stimulating them to find each other and take previously passive searches into an active mode.

In the past two weeks alone I have been contacted by seven different individuals who were separated via adoption by Kurtz. Four of these were moms, two were adoptive moms and one was an adoptee. All of them noted to me that watching The Locator caused them to google the agency (in all cases, Easter House) and find my site.

So, Troy whatever your name is, I dont want to watch you but I suppose I must offer some thanks.  Your triggering show is bringing moms and their children together even outside your show.

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