Kid Name Meme

"If you love someone, put their name in a circle. Hearts can be broken but circles never end."

Who named your child?:
I named my daughter. My ex husband and I named our sons.

What did you name him/her?:
Amber Lyn, Nikolas Carl, Stefan Alec in order of birth.

When did you come up with the name?:
Before my daughter was born I had selected her name on my own. My eldest sons name was determined before he was born as it is a derivative of his great grandfather, Nicola. My youngest son was also named before birth.

Where were you when you came up with the name?:
I was residing in a maternity home in Chicago when I named my daughter. I spent alot of time alone in my room doodling names into a notebook. I still have the notebook. With my eldest son I was likely home in our first house..or maybe our condo? I believe I moved into our first home pregnant.  Was also likely home when we named our second son.

Why did you pick that name?:
I picked Amber for my daughter as the gem itself  represents strength and love. I had written a letter to my daughter that the agency was supposed to give her (I don’t know if they did) indicating that all I had to give her was my emotional strength and love.

Also, her father was part Native American. Native Americans believe that Amber is pieces of the sun that have fallen to earth. Since I saw a shooting star the night I became pregnant with her, it seemed also to fit both with her ethnic heritage and the night she was conceived. (Side note, during the years before I found her, I spent oodles of money collecting silver and Amber jewelry in memory of her. When I found her, my oldest son brought me home a big Amber pendant and told me he picked it out special just for me since I had found his sister.)

My son was named after a great grandfather (Nicola) and my his grandmother (her maiden name was Carl). We changed the C to a K and he has complained about it ever since. There are many monogrammed items with "Nicholas" but none with Nikolas.

My youngest son was named after his grandfather and his middle name (Alec) was just one we liked and it fit well with the ethnic sounding first and last name.  If my youngest son had been a girl he would have been named Sabine. There is a young woman in Austria that we love to pieces that is named Sabine. She was our very first au pair and is forever a member of our family. I loved the name, the uniqueness of it  – although from what I recall she disliked it herself. Claims it is an old lady name in Austria. Not nearly as bad as her middle name Ulrika.  (At this point she is likely going to send me a nastygram hollering at me for noting her middle name. Tee hee)

(meme brought to you courtesy of Dawn via Jenna)

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  1. Suz you really do have the tenderest of mothers hearts! Amber takes years to form, so much time invested in patiently waiting for that precious amber to form and eventualy become a shining gemstone. That manages to encapsulate the past and display it with beauty!
    There is way to much love in your story girlfriend, NOT to have a happy ending. Hang in there it is still in the making!

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